Great Expectations

Let’s be honest, everyone dreams of getting a big, fat, advance for their book project. Wouldn’t it be fabulous? To be paid, say, a hundred thousand dollars for your work? You could re-do that bathroom, upgrade that car, plan a family vacation… Not so fast! First, a quick history: the “advance” in book publishing was […]

Agent Zimmy’s Personality Test for Writers

An important part of the publishing process is to take a good look at what kind of person you are, and then figure out your goals. This is an essential first step so you start down the right path to either traditionally publish, or self-publish. Here’s a list of ten questions you should ask yourself […]

Traditional Publishing: My Two Cents

Traditional Publishing: My Two Cents I’m a literary agent. My job is to find book projects that I think have a viable market. I then edit them, use my contacts and charm to get the project sold to the right publishing house, negotiate the contract, and represent the authors’ best interests through the whole publishing […]

Content is King!

Content is King  Are you getting a little sick and tired of cheerfully being told again and again that if you want to succeed, you better have good content? This is what I have been telling writers day in and day out for quite a while. But for the first time, I’m realizing it ain’t […]

From The Mouths of Babes

From The Mouths of Babes Let’s talk about the most effective way to sell books. Of course there are the conventional marketing methods; various publicity angles, promotional materials, advertising, appearances, etc. But I don’t want to talk about any of those. Social networking is what everyone is hanging their hats on these days, and is […]

Top Ten Mistakes Writers Make When Trying to Get Published

Top Ten Mistakes Writers Make When Trying to Get Published 1.  Starting the publishing process too soon. Your synopsis, bio, marketing ideas, and content of your book ALL need to be in a state of perfection before you even THINK about starting the process! 2.  Figuring (hoping!) that your book will sell without a lot […]

All Hail Writers!

There are various aspects of the book publishing industry that make for interesting conversation: e-book royalty rates, bestseller lists, content marketing… but when push comes to shove, the most interesting aspect of the industry, by far, are the writers. Where does the passion start? Where does the inspiration start?  Where do the great ideas start? […]