What other writers are saying about Project Publish

“I have spoken with so many different contacts and colleagues these past months, and opinions are diverse, confusing and even contradicting. This video made it so simple. Also, the information is one-stop-shop. Other people have bits and pieces of information, but she’s got everything in one place. Helen’s video is accessible, enjoyable, and organized. Her depth of knowledge into the many diverse areas of the publishing world impressed me. Helen demystified the process and showed me that getting my ideas out to my target audience successfully was achievable.”
— Anthony Poon, architect and writer

“A top-notch presentation, something all writers – but especially new writers – should watch several times. This is a bonanza of good stuff.”
–Robert Hunting, writer

“Very informative.”
— Herb Sanders, writer

“Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information.”
–Christine Simolke, writer

“I found it illuminating and practical.”
— Diana Moen, writer