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90-Minute Video Course: $34.99

Here’s what you will learn in this course:

  • How important you writers are to the whole process.
  • How to really take a good hard look at your content and make sure you are ready for the next step of approaching the publishing world, and whether or not you should hire an editor during this step.
  • How to write a great synopsis. Actually, there are three versions, and all are explained in detail.
  • How to make sure your author biography is on point and meaningful to your goals.
  • How to define your audience, find them, and market successfully to them.
  • The pros and cons of both self publishing and traditional publishing, an essential block of information so you can move in the direction that’s right for YOU. I debunk a lot of myths surrounding self publishing.
  • Everything you need to know about traditional publishing:
    • How to find an agent, and a complete list of websites to help you research them.
    • How to write a BANG UP query letter (samples included).
    • All of the no-no’s to avoid when approaching agents.
    • Exactly what the heck goes ON at publishing houses.
  • Everything you need to know about self publishing:
    • How to compete successfully in the marketplace, with a reputable source listing of jacket designers, editors, marketing consultants, publicity consultants, formatting services, and website designers.
    • A complete blow-by-blow tutorial on how to write a non-fiction book proposal.
    • And much much more!

Bonus Material

  • Slide Packet – 133 slides from video to show exact points you should be concentrating on.
  • Transcript – Entire 5 videos as a 47-page PDF file.
  • Checklist – All points you need to address specifically for easy access.
  • Query Letters – 4 sample query letters in non-fiction, memoir, and fiction. All of these garnered agency representation.
  • mp3 – Complete audio of all 5 videos in case you want to listen instead of watch.

These bonus materials will be available after purchasing access to the video.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I truly think you will find my advice very useful, but if not I will refund your money in full. Simply email me at PublishATZimmAgencyDOTcom with your name and address.

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